Auto service technician recommendation letter


Auto service technician recommendation letter

Recommendation letter or reference letter for Auto service technician is a writing letter of another person commenting on your personality and qualification for Auto service technician. You can use sample/template of Auto service technician at part 2 or find more different ones at sidebar.

1. Tips for writing a recommendation letter for Auto service technician:

• Name the referee who you are writing this letter to recommend.

• In the 2nd paragraph, provide details and comment on the qualification/ achievements as well as strong points of the referee for Auto service technician.

• In the 3rd paragraph, summarize what you have mentioned in the 2nd paragraph and give more details of personality of the referee such as responsibility, politeness, enthusiasm, etc for position: Auto service technician.

2. Sample Auto service technician recommendation letter:

Address Name:

I am writing this letter to recommend Mr._____ to the position of Auto service technician in your company. I believe that he shall be the perfect candidate for this position.

I first met Mr.________ while he was working a XYZ company as a Auto service technician trainee under my charge. For 03 years working for our Company until he left, he had performed such remarkable job that he was promoted to Senior Auto service technician. Mr.________ is quick at learning, very dynamic and hard-working.

He is also passionate at work. He is very willing to take over new challenges and responsibilities. On one case when our company was such in a busy period, we required a candidate for the position which he willingly volunteered to take over. His performance was quite remarkable and that impressed us all.

I’m totally confident that Mr._______ shall definitely become a very valuable asset to your company like he was to ours. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like additional information.


Edward Jones, HR director

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